Booty Building: How to Build a Bigger Booty Through Exercise

Exercise is a superior way to make your booty bigger. This is due to the fact that the butt cheeks are first made up of muscle. The butt cheeks are, together with the legs and the back, the largest muscles on your body. People use them consistently when jogging or running. So if you want to ease into it, you can begin to include booty building workouts into your every day life.

If possible, walk instead of taking the automobile or the bus. If you have longer space between to travel, ride a bicycle. It is fine exercise, enjoyable and economical. Take the steps instead of the elevator when going into a building. Running up steps is superior for your booty and it is fine for your heart as well.

When sitting for extended periods of time, such as when traveling or working in an office, consistently squeeze/flex your buttocks, relax and then repetitively perform again and again.

This is a fine begin and it will make your booty more firm and also improve its shape. But if you really want to make your booty clearly larger you need to do more than this.

What you need to make your booty larger through exercise are some really fine workouts particularly focusing upon your buttocks. If you have little time or cash and you can not join a gym, there are a lot of of superior booty building workouts that can be performed at home (or anywhere else for that matter) with little or no equipment.

An individual should perform workouts at least 3 times a week. Begin moderately and then over a reasonable period expand the resistance and intensity.

Remember, the most serious thing is that the exercise actually gets done. If you can't fit all of your workouts into one workout, separate them into several ones. If you have 5 minutes in the morning, do an exercise, then another one at afternoon meal time and another one in the twilight and so on.

So which workouts do you do? There are many, many, but I will give you four samples of not-difficult but efficient booty building exercises.

  • Frog squats: just like typical squats with the exception that you keep your knees apart with your legs forming a V. Slowly bend your legs until legs are parallel to the ground and then deliberately rise. Repeat until it gets hard to get back up.
  • Diagonal Leg raises: Hold on to a doorknob or a pole then increase your leg sideways and pick up if as high as you can, lower and repeat. Change legs. This is also fine for your inner thighs. For more resistance place a weight around your ankle.
  • Lunges: Take a large step forward until your leg is parallel to the ground (note: your knee must not pass in facing of your feet as this can otherwise be harmful to your knee) then get back up. Repeat until getting up gets hard then replace legs.
  • Bridges: Lay flat on your back with legs bent at a 45-degree angle; pick up your booty as high as you can while squeezing your buttocks. Lower your booty deliberately and repeat.

The most difficult thing is just to get started. Begin deliberately and do these workouts a few times a week, remember to eat well and rest between performing workouts to allow your muscles to recover. In a few weeks time you will see that your booty is getting rounder, more firm and sexier.

It is not too hard to get big, round and sexy looking booty in only six weeks you can supplement your booty with 2 inches or more employing a minimal amount of of work while making it both larger and sexier. Go to to see how to make a booty larger through basic workouts. Joakim is living in Sweden and is experienced in fitness and martial arts. He is particularly intrigued with improvement in shapeliness of the body.