Bigger Butt and Wider Hips

woman w. narrow hips
  The Struggle With Narrow Hips

The link below leads to an article by Nick Nilsson describing the reasons why it's so difficult to increase hip width without a corresponding increase in fat around that area.

Because of the lack of muscle mass to build onto the pelvis area, normal weight training is not the solution. Nick describes the best exercise to increase hip width using dumbbells or barbells. Read this article and thank Nick for sharing his expert opinion.

One thought on “Bigger Butt and Wider Hips

  1. Hi again L.O., well i tried to do these exercise at home (without a smith maichne), with my front leg on a higher platform, but i didn’t feel more focus on my butt..but in my quads. So i think i will continue doing the reverse lunges but without the platform, at least for me i feel that works better on my butt doing it that way;)I would like to ask you one thing, you say that after the workout we should consume a protein shake and carbs, and then +/- 1 hour later we should consume some protein like fish or meat, and some carbs, and here is my question..the carbs we eat in these meal could be veggies or it has to be rice, pasta or potatoes? I’m trying to cut some calories..but at the right meals (these is usually my dinner) and in the right foods (specially carbs).Thank you so much!

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